Plug was founded in 2007 as a small consumer PR agency with a big ambition to do iconic work. Ten years on, we have grown into a 25-person, full-service marketing consultancy, creating value for our clients and making a difference.

Brands today have a tough time standing out. Consumers are continuously bombarded with marketing and have become very savvy when it comes to filtering it all out. A brand’s message must be genuinely interesting and add value in order to resonate. This is where we come in - we help brands create big ideas and craft messages that cut through the noise to excite the crowd and reap results.



We are a full-service marketing and communications agency with a wide range of expertise including brand strategy, PR & communications, creative, design, events and digital / social.



We are media relations specialists who craft & pitch the most engaging story angles that get media and their audiences talking non-stop.



We shape brands by helping them forge a clear and focused identity, grounded in a compelling and authentic story that never fails to leave an impression.



We activate social media & maximise its impact on your business with share-worthy content and targeted influencer collaborations that take you to the next level.